Family Law

Family law mediation is a process outside the court system that allows families to meet with an independent and neutral third-party called a mediator to attempt to reach a resolution. Family law mediation allows a high degree of communication and dialogue regarding the issues and can be conducted in shuttle style, meaning the parties are not in the same room.

Family law mediation is a fast and extremely effective way to resolve your family law dispute.  The use of an experienced family law mediator can be indispensable and all types of family law issues can be resolved including but not limited to, parenting plans, child support, guardianship, spousal support, family debt, family property and excluded property.

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes involve business-related matters.

The scope of commercial disputes involve:

  • Construction projects;
  • Contracts;
  • Landlord and Tenant relationships;
  • Shareholders, partnerships, joint ventures;
  • Franchises; and
  • Employment

Courts are overcrowded, litigation costs are skyrocketing and business relationships are being destroyed.

Parties are frustrated with lawyers, long court delays and procedures which consume large amounts of time, money and energy. Furthermore, the result at trial is not guaranteed.

Mediation offers a way for parties to resolve their conflicts quickly, fairly and confidentially. This is done through a third party who will assist the parties negotiate towards a resolution.