Construction law forms a major component of the practice of Baker Newby LLP. We have practitioners with extensive experience and broad expertise in all areas of construction law related matters. This depth of professional resource has given clients of the firm a competitive advantage in dealing with the complexities of the construction industry.

Our construction law group has significant experience in drafting all forms of construction related agreements from simple home construction/renovation agreements to extensive mega-project documentation. Often our clients involve us as members of their negotiating teams in treading through the sometimes dangerous areas which are part of the construction contract matrix. This has resulted in our lawyers being involved not only locally, but nationally and internationally.

Construction Lawyers

Our construction law lawyers have been chosen as counsel to some of the largest developers, general contractors and professional firms in British Columbia, with interests throughout North America. But we also act for the small, local and very important tradespeople, contractors, suppliers and professionals, and pride ourselves in providing the most practical, cost-effective advice and legal support available.

Construction disputes often start in the documentation exchanged among the various parties. Our construction law group understands these agreements and is experienced in interpreting and explaining both the demanding legal and technical requirements. We have considerable experience in working with clients to resolve construction disputes before they become litigious. This can be through conciliation, mediation, arbitration or simply developing and implementing successful negotiation strategies. From homeowner/contractor arguments to multimillion dollar construction conflicts, our lawyers utilize their skills to resolve our clients’ problems. The courtroom is recognized by us as being the avenue of last resort for most construction difficulties.

In this litigation-oriented era it is inevitable that not all construction problems can be resolved outside the courtroom. With this in mind, our construction lawyers are well prepared to guide our clients through the rigours of dealing with suing or being sued. Getting our clients out of the courts with the best results and at the least cost is our goal. Working with our clients and experts as a team is a priority as we seek to achieve the best results, whether it be in Small Claims, Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal.

Our construction law group represents clients from every sector of the residential, commercial and industrial construction industry, including owners/developers, general contractors, trades, suppliers, engineers, architects, designers, financiers, employee groups, municipalities and construction associations.