Lianne Kampf

Lianne Kampf, Paralegal at Baker Newby LLP.

Lianne is a paralegal in our Litigation Department. She joined Baker Newby LLP in 2005 and returned in 2016. Lianne completed her legal training in 1999. Her studies at Simon Fraser University, Kwantlen College and Douglas College provide a strong foundation for her litigation and forensic skills.

Lianne works exclusively with W. Martin Finch, Q.C., one of our senior partners. Together they manage the Personal Injury practice. Her role requires regular attendance to meetings with our clients to ensure quality care and attention to each client’s individual needs and concerns. She is expert in clinical record analysis and all aspects of file management, up to and including trial. She is also responsible for task delegation and supervises junior staff with various tasks in the litigation process.

Lianne is dedicated to our clients’ needs and is a rich resource for many questions that may arise. She and Martin work together to develop our clients’ cases to their most successful outcomes.

Lianne is married with two children. Her experience aids in providing both understanding and sympathetic consideration of our client’s cases.

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