Taxation Law

Tax has been at the heart of business and business planning for most of this century. Taxes come from all levels of government and in a surprising variety of forms. For several decades, Baker Newby LLP has had one of the largest tax practices in the Fraser Valley and continues to provide tax advice in significant areas of commercial activity for the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Our Tax Department has dealt extensively with all sorts of tax matters, particularly pertaining to corporate, estate and farm planning. Our Tax Department has also dealt extensively with mergers and acquisitions as well as with Canadian and international joint ventures.

The lawyers in our Tax Department are known for innovative solutions for tax issues raised by a wide range of clients. We have worked with clients involved in corporate reorganizations and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. We advise on the use of financial intermediaries in tax planning and consult on cross-border transactions.

In addition, we have advised on the tax aspects of real estate transactions. In particular, we deal extensively with acquisition of farm lands.