Parenting Coordinator

There can be regular disputes over when the children are supposed to be visiting with each parent.

There can be arguments over what activities the children are enrolled in.  Sometimes, there are disagreements over which school the children will attend.

One way to solve these problems is to let a Judge hear what the problem is all about and let him or her solve it.

 That can be expensive and time consuming. But, another way to address the challenge of parents being unable to effectively communicate with each other is to retain the services of a Parenting Coordinator.

Parenting Coordination is a post-parenting plan alternative dispute resolution service for high conflict couples.

The Parenting Coordinator has two general functions.

The first is to help parents implement, maintain and comply with court orders and the parenting plan that is in place. If there is a dispute and the parents cannot come to an agreement, the Parenting Coordinator can make a final and binding decision in keeping with the children’s best interests within the Parenting Coordinator’s limited area of jurisdiction.

The second function is as a coach and educator and facilitator who tries to minimize parental conflict and encourage cooperation and respect between the parents.

The goal is help parents develop better skills so they will not need a Parenting Coordinator or even a Judge to help them solve their disagreements over their children.

Compared to going to Court:

  • it saves time
  • it saves stress
  • and, it saves the client money