Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements are for unmarried couples, engaged couples or common law couples. This agreement can help protect either party’s interest in certain property. This agreement can also outline what would happen should the relationship break down. This type of agreement can help couples understand where either person stands on certain issues. This ultimately allows the couple peace of mind that their individual concerns are met, in the event of a break down of the relationship.

  1. Why should I have a Marriage and Cohabitation Agreement?A Marriage and Cohabitation Agreement is an effective method to help avoid the often painful discussions that are required after the breakdown of a relationship. A Marriage and Cohabitation Agreement can pre-emptively outline how such matters such as Property Division will be dealt with should the relationship breakdown.

    While no one starts a relationship with the intention of it ending, a Marriage and Cohabitation Agreement is a step in setting out your intentions on how you wish to share your assets and debts.

  2. What can be included in these agreements?Many issues can be addressed in these agreements. Some examples include:
    1. Custody;
    2. Parenting Time;
    3. Child Support;
    4. Property Division;
    5. Spousal Support;
    6. Debt Division; and
    7. Asset Division.
  3. At what time should I create a Marriage and Cohabitation Agreement?While a Marriage and Cohabitation agreement can be created at any time, it is best if you have such an agreement before you move in together.

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