Judicial Case Conferences

In accordance with the Supreme Court Family Rules, the first step in any Family Law action proceeding in BC Supreme Court is a Judicial Case Conference.
A Judicial Case Conference is a one-hour, informal, private conference attended by a Judge or Master of the Court, yourself, your lawyer and your former spouse (and his or her lawyer).
A Judicial Case Conference is an opportunity to discuss a potential resolution of the case, or steps towards resolving the case, by agreement. A Judicial Case Conference is not a hearing and not a trial.
Nothing can be ordered against you at a Judicial Case Conference, orders can only be made there by consent. If you reach an agreement on any matter within your action at a Judicial Case Conference it becomes a court order, called a Consent Order.
There is no obligation to reach an agreement at a Judicial Case Conference, so if nothing is agreed to there, the Court cannot force anything upon either party.
To prepare for the Judicial Case Conference, each party must complete and swear in the presence of their lawyer, a Form 8 Financial Statement that declares all of your debts, assets, expenses and income. You will meet with your Family Law Lawyer prior to the Judicial Case Conference to discuss your case and to prepare your position on settlement of the case.