Criminal Defence

Criminal law has always been a significant part of the practice of law at Baker Newby LLP. Through the generations of criminal lawyers that have worked here, a tradition of service to clients experiencing difficulties in this area has developed. That tradition is based on an understanding of the peculiar difficulties clients suffer as a result of a criminal charge. We regularly handle complex, serious matters and have extensive experience in trials at all levels of Court in British Columbia.

A common concern for a person facing a criminal charge is confidentiality, and that is assured through the oaths of confidentiality that are required of our staff and counsel. The firm is sensitive to the difficulties and pressures imposed on a client and their families by a criminal charge. We discreetly avoid publicity where appropriate to our clients’ interest. Because of our experience, we have the knowledge of the law and procedure to ensure a criminal matter is dealt with efficiently and effectively. We realize that any criminal charge is a serious matter to the person charged. Experience has taught us that clients profit from an understanding of the relative severity of their charges. This we strive to give them.