Articling Students

Resumes can be submitted:

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  • by fax (1-604-792-8711); or
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    P.O. Box 390, 9259 Main Street, Chilliwack, BC V2P 6K2

Baker Newby LLP’s articling program ensures articling students experience an appropriate mix of legal practice and education. It takes into consideration the desire of articling students to be actively involved in a significant way in the practice of law early in their careers. At Baker Newby LLP, we appreciate the articling year is a year of continuing development and education for students, whose ultimate goal is to become contributing members of the legal community.

Students who article at Baker Newby LLP rotate through both of the firm’s offices to gain exposure to all the significant areas of legal practice. They work directly with many of our members and obtain widespread experience throughout their articling year. Rotation allows articling students who bring particular skills or previous experience to Baker Newby LLP to further develop that expertise while gaining valuable and necessary experience in other areas. The result is a broad, hands-on learning experience which promotes interaction between lawyers, students, and clients, allowing students to quickly become an integral part of the firm.

To continue students’ more formal education in the law during the articling year, Baker Newby LLP’s partners and associates conduct seminars. These seminars, called BNU (Baker Newby University), focus on the practical and substantive areas of legal practice and include such topics as cross-examination and evidence.

Students articling at Baker Newby LLP are assigned to a principal and work with many lawyers in every rotation. Students receive and benefit from a broad spectrum of work and practical experience and have appropriate workloads. The principal takes primary responsibility for guiding and evaluating students during a particular rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students does the firm typically hire?

We generally hire two to three students for any given articling year.

How important are law school grades?

Law school grades are important in determining whether a candidate will be offered an interview. Work experience, life experience, interests, and law-related extracurricular activities also are factors that we consider in determining whether a candidate will be offered an interview. The most important factor, however, is the interview itself.

Does the firm prefer students who come from local law schools?

No. We hire students from any Canadian law school, however, during the student’s articles they are expected to live in either Chilliwack or Abbotsford.

Does the firm give second interviews?

We ask the most promising candidates for a second visit, usually to meet other lawyers who practice in an area which is of interest to the candidate.

When are student expected to start their articling or summer postions?

This is flexible.

What role do principals play?

Principals act primarily as mentors rather than as sources of work.

Do students receive secretarial support?

Yes. Students have access to the secretary of the lawyer for whom they are performing specific tasks. As well, we have a word processing department to assist students/lawyers.

How is work allocated?

Students receive work directly from the lawyers.

What are the firm's billable hour expectations?

Articling students are not expected to bill a particular number of hours. We look at recorded hours for students to determine if they are getting enough work and are learning how to properly manage files.

Is salary paid during an articling student's attendance at the bar admission course?

Yes. Students receive a salary which is competitive with salaries paid by other Fraser Valley law firms.

What benefits are articling students entitled to?

Students qualify for the employee benefits plan, which incorporates general health care coverage, prescription drug and dental insurance, and disability insurance. Students also are eligible for two weeks of holidays at a time mutually agreeable to the student and the firm.

Are the firms' current students willing to answer questions about their articling experience?

Yes. Please contact us for the names and telephone numbers of our current students.

What is the firm's hire-back philosophy?

Baker Newby is committed to “growing from within.” Our approach is to hire students with a view to keeping them as associates. In the past few years we have made offers to all of our students.

What factors figure into the hire-back decision?

The decision to offer a student an associate position at the end of the articling year is based on the student’s performance during the articling year and the growth required by Baker Newby.

When are associates considered for partnership?

Depending on how long the associate has been with Baker Newby LLP, associates are generally considered for partnership between their 6th to 10th years of call.

While we appreciate all applications, only those experienced applicants who are considered will be contacted.

To apply for this position, please forward your resume and cover letter by email to: