Wills & Estates

Baker Newby LLP has experience in all aspects of estate planning and administration from simple estate plans to complex corporate organizations, to ensuring the orderly and tax efficient succession of a family business. We offer comprehensive advice in all aspects of personal tax, estate planning and estate administration as well as the preparation of trusts, marriage contracts, wills, powers of attorney for property and powers of attorney for personal care.

Personal Tax and Estate Planning

Estate planning involves much more than producing a will. Planning begins with analysis of your assets, an understanding of who you wish to benefit and appreciation of family relationships. We can also assist you to minimize your tax liability and probate fees on death in order to maximize what your beneficiaries will receive from your estate. Furthermore, Baker Newby LLP understands that in appropriate circumstances, trusts can play an important role in estate planning.

Estate Administration

Our years of experience in estate administration mean that we can quickly identify and anticipate issues and assist in their resolution. In addition to making applications to court for the appointment of personal representatives, we are involved in applications to court to defend the validity of a will or to obtain directions from the court, as well as on the passing of accounts of personal representatives. In estate planning, the appointment of an executor and trustee is an important decision. We have the necessary resources and expertise to assist and guide executors and trustees by acting on their behalf in carrying out day-to-day functions and responsibilities. Executors and trustees of estates vary greatly with respect to their involvement in ongoing administration. For those who want to be actively involved, we can provide information required to handle most of the aspects of the administration yourself, while ensuring that you do not neglect any of your duties and responsibilities. For those who have less time to dedicate to the administration, we can attend to many of the routine matters on your behalf based upon our substantial experience.

Powers of Attorney

Baker Newby LLP has developed the necessary expertise to give advice in connection with and to prepare continuing powers of attorney for property which will survive the incapacity of the person giving the power of attorney, as well as powers of attorney for personal care which have replaced what used to be known colloquially as “living wills”.