Employment Law

However well intentioned employers and employees may be, they often have misunderstandings that they cannot settle themselves. Baker Newby LLP provides legal advice to employers and employees that can help them make an informed decision on a course of action.

Many situations in an employment relationship could, if better understood, lead to less liability exposure for employers and to better results for employees. Employers and employees often endure situations because they don’t understand their respective rights.

A properly drafted employment contract can help to avoid many misunderstandings and will ensure a better employer-employee relationship by addressing each party’s expectations. We encourage a proactive approach to employment law that tackles situations before they become problems. We strive to keep our clients fully aware at all times of their rights, thereby avoiding misunderstandings that may prove costly to them in the future.

Baker Newby Employment Lawyers

Numerous and complex statutes govern workplace law, including the Employment Standards Act, Canada Labour Code, Human Rights Code, and Worker’s Compensation Act. Baker Newby LLP’s team of employment lawyers have the experience and the ability to review your workplace situation in light of these statutes and other requirements. This allows you to focus on your job or on your business.

Our employment lawyers are well trained in advocacy. They will make sure that your needs are addressed to gain you the best possible outcome. This promise of excellence is backed by our long-standing reputation in the community since 1937.