Corporate Law is a broad and often over-used term. However, in general, corporate law would include any transaction that involves a legal entity. More specifically, this includes: incorporations, amalgamations, extra-provincial registrations, partnerships, proprietorships, continuations, dissolutions and wind-ups, dividend declarations, shareholder’s agreements, share alterations, and simple to highly complex tax-planned reorganizations.

Baker Newby Corporate Lawyers

At Baker Newby LLP, corporate law is therefore an integral part of our business law practice. From the initial step of incorporating a company, to the dissolution of a company and everything in between, our corporate lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of legal entities, their uses, and the laws that govern them.

Baker Newby LLP also has one of the largest and most sophisticated corporate departments in the Province outside of the Greater Vancouver Area, acting as the registered and records office for more than 1,900 provincial, extra-provincial and federal companies and societies. Whether it is routine annual reports or a complicated, multi-step reorganization, our friendly and experienced corporate lawyers can help get the job done. With our recently upgraded corporate database program specifically designed for corporate record maintenance, our corporate lawyers can process routine transactions quickly and efficiently.