Commerical Litigation

Commercial Litigation is an aspect of litigation practice involving disputes between businesses or companies regarding the right to money. Commercial Litigation may be based, in any particular case, on contractual rights, rights granted by governmental statute or on alleged negligence. It is often contrasted with litigation regarding claims for damages for personal injuries and with criminal prosecution and defence litigation. The lawyers of Baker Newby LLP are experienced in all of these areas of litigation practice.

Our Commercial Litigation practice is broad and well-rounded. Baker Newby LLP conducts small and very large scale lawsuits and other legal proceedings in many areas of the law, including general contractual matters, construction disputes, real estate matters including disputes under the Strata Property Act, banking and insolvency matters, administrative and municipal law including claims relating to municipal expropriation of land, corporate matters including disputes between shareholders and relating to the issuance of securities, insurance claims, and landlord and tenant disputes.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The lawyers of Baker Newby LLP are experienced in all areas of Commercial Litigation as counsel for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. We are well equipped to handle Commercial Litigation of any size or complexity and can provide our clients with the services necessary to ensure speedy and fair resolutions of commercial disputes.