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Do I really need a lawyer?

You don’t have to be involved in a civil or criminal conflict or controversy to benefit from legal counsel. People hire lawyers for advice and expertise all of the time, in all kinds of situations. In good times as well as bad, with a lawyer’s help, individuals and businesses understand and secure their legal rights and financial interests.

How much does a lawyer cost?

For some things, a flat fee is charged, but for most things the fee will generally be based upon a number of factors, including:

  • the customary rates for actual time spent by various levels of personnel on your behalf
  • the complexity and difficulty of a matter
  • the skill and specialized knowledge and responsibility of the persons providing services
  • the circumstances under which the services are provided
  • the urgency of the matter and the success achieved on your behalf

The total charge will include fees, disbursements incurred on your behalf, and applicable Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Services Tax which we are required to charge on our fees and on certain disbursements.

At all times you shall have the right, with or without cause, to terminate a lawyer’s services upon written notice to that effect, and upon payment of any outstanding fees and disbursements. As well, subject to the fulfilment of obligations to maintain proper standards of professional conduct, lawyers reserve the right to terminate their services at any time.

I have been in a car accident. How long do I have to make a claim?

If you are an adult, and have been in a car accident, you have 2 years from the date of the MVA to file a claim. If you were a minor at the time of the MVA, you must make a claim before your before 21st birthday. If a municipality is involved, they must be notified within 2 months of the MVA, and the action must start within 6 months of the accident.
For other legal matters sometimes you have lots of time to consider your alternatives. In other situations you need to act fast. If you receive a summons, or complaint naming you as a defendant in a lawsuit, don’t delay.


I’m having financial difficulties. Should I declare bankruptcy?

People considering bankruptcy will often ask their initial question of a lawyer or law firm, but would be better served by consulting a Trustee in Bankruptcy. A Trustee can review their financial situation and provide advice on whether bankruptcy or some other alternative would be best for them. This advice is generally outside the scope of expertise of a lawyer as it is of a financial or accounting nature.

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